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Point of view



POINT OF VIEW is a “must see” top class band formed from very young and talented, professionally educated musicians whose main goal is to satisfy all tastes, performing well selected songs from the very well-known classics of the 60’s-80’s until very these days. Their high motivation and enthusiasm gives POINT OF VIEW a very fresh breath, and their spectacular behavior on the stage fulfills even the most sophisticated demands.POINT OF VIEW members have performed all over the world. Their preferred styles are dance, pop, funk.

Lillehammer Hotel (Lillehammer, Norway), Fagernes Hotel (Fagernes, Norway), Night Spot “Bristol” (Oslo, Norway), Alexandra Hotel (Loen, Norway), Marriot Hotel (Bussan, S. Korea), Night Spot “Lo Spasso” (Seoul, S. Korea)
Lillehammer Hotel AS(Lillehamer,Norway), Sanderstolen Hotel(Tisleidalen,Norway), Rica Sunnfjord Hotel(Forde,Norway), Union Hotel(Geiranger,Norway),

Cruiseliners: Princess Ragnhild (Color Line), Festival (Color Line), Prince of Scandinavia (DFDS), Fjord Norway (Fjord Line), Christian IV(Color Line),Vana Tallinn(Talink)
Peter Wesel (Color Line).

THE BAND LEADER : Atanas Kapitanov: Guitars, Violin, Vocal. This guy is ruled by wisdom and experience. He is a master of the strings. When he plays, he makes you stare at him for hours and hours. He has studied the violin since he was 5 years old. Born in a family of musicians, his professional musical education he gathers at the Academy of Music and Dance Art, Plovdiv, Bulgaria. He works as a violin and guitar teacher in a music school in Dobrich, Bulgaria.

Borislav Kapitanov: Drums&Vocal. This young and very educated drummer brings over a very fresh glance at Holly Band. His positive energy spills out on stage and charges up every single individual. His style contributes to the successfully performed songs. He was also born in a music family. His musical education he gathers at the Academy of Music, Sofia, Bulgaria. His background is playing in clubs with famous bands in Sofia.

IVELINA Georgieva: Bass, Vocal.

This top female bass player is a dream for every band.
We are so privileged to work with such a young and
highly motivated skilled girl as she puts new standards here.
Her professional education she gathers at the Academy
of Music and Dance Art, Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Rositsa Monova: Lead Vocal.

Rossi had grown up with music.Her music skills,she developed in music school in Dobrich.When she was 6 years old,she started to play the flute and gradually she realized that her vocation is singing.
During her education she had won scores awards with her flute playing and singing in lots of competitions.Her charming smile and lyric voice engages the audience attention.
Now she is a student in an International College.She specializes – “Hotel Management”

Rosen Atanasov: Keyboard &Vocal

His taste for music is abserved,when he was 11 years old.His professional skills to play the piano,accordion and guitar were developed during his education in music school.But the main part of these skills is his voice,which can impress everyone with its own specific timbre and gives him the possibility to interpretate great singers like:
Elvis Presley,Tom Jones,Elton John and etc.
He is an all rounder who impresses everybody with his fascinating,scenic behavior and effulgent smile..But it is not all.He is technical trained.

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