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DJ & Live vocal William & Verjinia


Willian Osorio

I’m William Osorio, a 25-year old DJ from Stockholm (Sweden).

I have professional DJ experiences since I travelled the country and played all over

Sweden on all the big clubs in Stockholm and on different clubs, bars, boats and events.

I have been a DJ for 7 years now and I see myself as a master of ceremonies and I can play a large variety of music since I’ve played on so many different places. I have been playing with big names like Sebjak and have been warmup to famous DJs and famous hiphop artists in Sweden.

I can play any kind of music in any kind of place, from chill lounge, pool parties to big room clubs. I have played for 2500 people at different events and I have also played with a lot of musicians such as live vocalists, saxophone players and trumpet players to combine the electronic music with live instruments.

As a DJ you must have very good knowledge of the current popular dance music so I try to be very updated. I can operate a large variety of music audio equipment and prefer to play with CDJ 2000/2000 Nexus and DJM 900 Nexus/2000 Nexus.

I can speak and write Swedish and English fluently and can understand, write and speak a little Spanish.

Professional Experience

• House (every genre)

• Hiphop/Rap

• R&B

• Reggaeton

• Dancehall

• Club Classics

• Mash-Ups & Bootlegs

Verjinia Grozeva

I am Verjinia Grozeva, a 30-year old singer from Sofia (Bulgaria). I started to play the piano when I was 5 and I have been singing since I was 7-years old so about 23 years. I have professional singing skills based of my education and experience. I have education in music school with piano for 7 years, music highschool with opera singing for 3 years and music University Pop & Jazz for 3 years.

When I was 7 years I started to sing in a Bulgarian reality show for kids on TV called Like a Lions. I have been singing in an orthodox choir, I have been performing as one of the debut stars in MM-Music Awards in Sofia, Since I was 19 I have been working as a singer in a band on cruise ships and big ferries between Spain, Italy, France, Brazil, Greece, Norway, Estonia, Finland, Holland, England, Malta, Belgium, Latvia, Croatia and Sweden.

The cruise ships I have been working on are: Island Star, Island Escape and Costa Fortuna.

I have been working on many different big ferries for companies such as: P&O Ferries, DFDS ferries and Tallink Silja Line.

Between my contracts on the boats I have had a lot of gigs in Bulgaria in Clubs, Piano bars, weddings, private parties and big events by the black sea like the festival Club Apolonia in Sozopol.

I can sing any kind of style like for example:

Jazz, Pop, Hiphop, RnB, House Disco, 70s,80s,90s, New hits and lounge.

I can speak and write Bulgarian and English fluently and I can understand a little Russian.

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