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Cream Team

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Cream Team

Cream Team Band was created in 2013. The band members are Elena Ivanova,

Aleksandar Zdravkov, Boyko Ivanov, Ivan Mollov, Grigor Karaivanov, Boyan Iordanov. During the last two years the band has performed on ships travelling through Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Germany. It has worked with the companiesSilja line, Color Line, Tallink line, Viking line.

The band performs a wide variety of genres. A majority of songs of the current world’s top 100 hits as well as Disco, Latino, Rock, Evergreens and 70’s songs.

Elena Ivanova has graduated a music school and specialized in playing violin. She has been singing in the school choir for four years and has played in the orchestra with which they have appeared in a number of performances, as well as a world famous festival inFivizzano-Italy. She has participated in a number of national and international singing festivals where she has always ranked on some of the top positions. She has won first place in the international singing competition Sarandev-Bulgaria.

In 2008 she was one of the finalists on Music Idol Bulgaria after which she came out with a couple of music videos of her own.She has an affinity toward rock music and in her free time she likes to draw.

She has a bachelor’s degree in Russian studies and a master’s degree in business and tourism. Currently she in the lead vocal for Cream Team band where she has gained a lot of experience and a rich repertoire.

Aleksandar Zdravkov was born in 1982 in Shumen, Bulgaria. He started playing classical and bass guitar from an early age after that graduated a musical school specializing in classical guitar. In 2000 he wins a competition and leaves for South Korea where he plays with one of the most popular Bulgarian music bands SPRINT with which he has given out an album in Bulgaria. In 2004 he was accepted in the National Music Academy ,, Professor Nancho Popovich’’ in the ,,Pop and jazz’’ section specializing in bass guitar. He acquires a master’s degree in the subject and from 2008 he starts work in RAM Agency where he works to this day. He has

worked for the companies Silja line, Color Line, Tallink line, Viking line as well as in a majority of hotels in Europe and the Scandinavians.

Grigor Karaivanov started playing the guitar when 11 years old. He was very ambitious and not long after he was accepted in the National Music Academy ‘’Prof. Pancho Vladigerov” specializing in electrical guitar. He graduated the academy in 2002 and leaves for South Korea where he works in a number of hotels in different cities Seoul, Pusan, Daego and others.

He and Aleksandar Zdravkov have been colleagues since the academy and after that in South Korea. After the three year period in South Korea Grigor Karaivanov has worked a couple of years in Morocco and Norway. In 2011 he wins a prestigious scholarship and leaves as a student in Los Angeles where he studies in the world famous LA Music Academy. Some of his teachers were world famous musicians. After his time in LA he started work for the company ‘’Royal Caribbean.”

After he returns to Bulgaria he begins to work for famous Bulgarian musicians writing arrangements, composing songs and taking part in different live performances. He also is a highly valued studio musician. Currently he works with the Cream Team Band.

Boian Yordanov

Experience in singing and music skills:

Hespent 12 yearssinging in Varna Boys choir. He has acquired most of his singing abilities during all the rehearsals and performances with the choir.

In 2004 Varna Boys choir organized a concert tour in the USA.

They visited 4 states and performed in 20 concerts each in a different city.

In 2006 they visited the Greek island of Corfu where they performed in 3 concerts.

For 2 years he has been taking private lessons from a professional solo vocal teacher and in 2009 he won 3 awards for best performance in different singing competitions

For about 4 years to this day he is developing his skills in composing.

He is working on his abilities to compose , mix and master a song by using computer


He also practices sound recording and processing the waveform of the sound. He uses the following programs: Fruity Loops Studio ; Adobe Audition ; Ableton ; Caustic.

Ivan Mollov is a professional musician with lot ‘s of worldwide tours on four continents – Africa, Asia, America and Europe, rich background and skills. He studied musical school in Stara Zagora ( Bulgaria ), then graduate academy of music in Sofia, Bulgaria.

1991-“Alexander the Great”-5 stars hotel in Paphos-Cyprus

1992-1994 I was playing mostly in Finland and Norway-3-5 stars hotels

1995-in”Princess Marrissa”-a Ship of Louis cruise lines company,

1996-1998-in”Adams beach”5 stars-Agia Napa(Cyprus)

1999- Marocco-“Agadir beach club”5 stars

2001 I was playing as sextet on”Cosmos” ship in Incheon-South Korea,

2002-on board on ferry”Super fast”7(Germany-Finland),

2003-Norway-Loen,Vradal,Asker,Vinstra…3-5 srars hotels

2004-01.04.2006-South Korea-Seoul-Westin Chosun 5stars,Busan-Westin Chosun 5stars

Marriott hotel 5 stars.

2007-“Paphian Bay”,”Pioneer beach”,”Athena Royal”,5 stars-Cyprus,

Jewel of the seas-“Royal Caribbean”

2008-“Royal Caribbean” ,Voyager of the seas,Jewel of the seas

2008-“Nordkapp” and “Richard With”-“ Hurtigruten”costal cruises-Norway

2009-2012 worked mostly for Royal Caribbean international-RCCL,

Voyager of the seas,Mariner of the seas,Brilliance of the seas,

Radiance of the seas,Grandeur of the seas,Jewel of the seas…

Boyko Ivanov started playing drums from an early ages. He played with many bands and in 2004 he leaves for South Korea. He played many cities in Korea: Pusan, Seoul, Daego, Ulhsan. In 2007 he started to work in Dubai. From 2008 he starts work in RAM Agency where he works to this day. He has worked for the companiesSilja line, Color Line, Tallink line, Viking line as well as in a majority of hotels in Europe and the Scandinavians.

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